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We’ve developed a rigorous
process that ensures you are
matched with only the best

Placement agencies just run a simple background check. By providing drivers continuous work, we’re able to maintain a proven network of only the highest-rated chauffeurs.

When it comes to hiring a designated or personal driver, trust, dependability and professionalism are a must. That’s why we require all of our professional drivers to meet the highest standards both on the job and off.

After all, our drivers represent our company with every drive they make.

Our Hiring Process

We have two-pronged approach to hiring the very best drivers that are available at your beck and call.

01 Interviews

Our team of interviewers assesses each driving candidate with an important question in mind: “Would I trust this person behind the wheel of my own personal vehicle?” If the answer is “no,” then we aren’t placing them behind the wheel of yours. That’s why each and every candidate undergoes an in-depth interview to identify if they have the skills and dedication to provide the best of services.

02 In-Depth Background Clearance

We conduct the most rigorous background checks in the industry for all driving candidates, including Nationwide database searches. Any potential driver whose background check reveals the following will not be considered:

  • Imprisonment
  • Sex offenses
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol
  • Any at fault accidents in the past 3 years

We place confidence in supplying our customers with
drivers who meet their expectations

Our Guarantee

Experienced Drivers

From backgrounds in chauffeuring, public service, and transportation, we only choose drivers with minimum 7 years of demonstrated driving experience.

Demeanor, Etiquette and Attire

When you hire a driver through SmartDrivez, you can expect chauffeur-quality services at a discount rate. That means your driver will be personable, reliable, and punctual. We’re proud to hire drivers with integrity and professionalism, and we place confidence in supplying our customers with drivers who exceed their expectations.

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