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  • SmartDrivez offers three kinds of designated driver services depending on your needs.
  • Personal Driver Service (RM 25 an hour): hire a driver to chauffeur you in your own car wherever you need to go, no matter how many stops you need to make.
  • Pickup Service (Pickup Fee RM 40 + RM 4.00 Per KM): hire a driver to pick you up and get you and your car back home safely.
  • Car Hire + Personal Hourly Driver (from RM 30 an hour): hire a car and a driver to act as your personal chauffeur, no matter how many stops you need to make.
  • Learn more about these three services by visiting our Personal Use page.
  • Reserving a driver through SmartDrivez is easy. Just use our website.
  • Choose the desired service.
  • Choose the date and time
  • Enter your pickup location.
  • You can also reserve a driver by giving us a call at 011-11242594

Yes – please go to Reservations – Pickup Detail/Payment Info – Notes, here you can request specific driver attributes, including “male,” or “female”.

If you’ve used SmartDrivez in the past, you may also request a favourite driver that you’ve used previously.

When you reserve a personal hourly driver with SmartDrivez, your reservation is based on time, not destination. That means your personal driver will take you wherever you need to go, picking up your friends and making as many stops as you want to make for as long as you have reserved the service. The driver will also wait for you as needed. As long as we can get there and back within the period of your reservation, we can take you there!

While both SmartDrivez drivers and taxi drivers take customers where they want to go in exchange for a fee, SmartDrivez differs from a traditional taxi service in that our drivers do not operate vehicles that are hailed on streets; instead, our private hire drivers are pre-booked using our website or telephone number.

Yes. SmartDrivez has many clients who use our services weekly for getting to and from medical appointments, traveling for business, etc. While we developed SmartDrivez with designated driving services in mind, we are offering a personal driving service that can be used in any way you might need a personal chauffeur. When you reserve a personal driver, you can have your driver take you anywhere you need to go.

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