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Concierge Auto Services

Let our on-demand drivers handle your oil changes, car washes, service visits and more.

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Taking your car in for maintenance or repairs takes a large chunk out of your already busy day. Let SmartDrivez concierge auto services give you back your free time by managing all your auto care needs for you, from refuelling to oil changes to car washes.

Rates From RM20 – RM 25 Per Hour

Concierge Auto Services Available

Oil Changes


Unlike typical mobile oil change services, we take your car to whatever service location you prefer.

Tire Alignments, Rotations, or Changes

Whether you have a nail in your tire or just need a scheduled rotation, get your tires changed or serviced while at work or at home.

Regular Maintenance & Scheduled Service

Our drivers make it easy to keep up with scheduled maintenance and the requirements of your warranty. Just schedule the appointment, make a SmartDrivez reservation, and leave car service to us.

Car Washes & Detailing


Who has time to wash and detail their car? Leave your dirty car with us and you’ll get it back clean, neat, and looking great.

These are just a few of the ways in which SmartDrivez customers use our on-demand auto services. Have a special request? We can likely accommodate.

SmartDrivez – Let a Professional Do the Driving

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